NH-1 enzyme label plate dehydrator

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NH-1 enzyme label plate dehydrator has the characteristics of small size, full function, microelectronic technology control, simple operation, no racket, etc. It is a production equipment with high performance, high efficiency and low price that has been put forward by users and repeatedly tested. Thus, the problems of manual clapping, strong labor force, easy mutual pollution, and waste of towels and absorbent paper in the production process are solved. The effective production reduces the cost and ensures the quality of products. It is an ideal equipment for production and laboratory.

2Basic functions

This machine is suitable for dehydration of 96/48 well enzyme standard plate
This machine can dehydrate 1-16 96 well enzyme label plates at the same time.
This machine has the characteristics of rapid dehydration, reducing labor force, reducing mutual pollution, etc
This machine can reduce the waste of towel, absorbent paper and other consumables, and effectively reduce the production cost
The dehydration time of this machine is 1-99 seconds, which can be adjusted at will.
The residual liquid of the enzyme marker plate dehydrated by this machine is completely removed, avoiding the quality hidden danger caused by the unclean removal of the residual liquid of manual flapping

3Technical paramters

16 96 hole target plates can be placed at the same time each time Dehydration time: 0-99 seconds adjustable Overall dimension: 360mm long, 365mm wide, 720mm high The noise is less than 30 decibels. Waterproof grade: IPX4 Normal operating conditions 1) Environmental conditions a):10C-40C. b) Relative humidity: 30% - 75%. c) : 860hpa-1060hpa. (2) Power supply condition: AC 220v, frequency 50H The waterproof grade of the machine is PX4. Dewatering power: 180W.


It is widely used for dehydration of enzyme standard plates in all walks of life.