NH196 filling system

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1Product performance

NH196 is a liquid handing system for simultaneously adding 96 microporous plates

2NH196 adopts peristaltic pump filling method

Through the precise control of the peristaltic pump, liquid filling is realized Low failure rate, superior performance, Eliminate the influence of liquid level difference before and after production, Perfect accuracy and repeatability. 96 needle dispensing head depends on 96 needle consistency,Avoid errors, Ensure the accuracy of the coating. Balance is also guaranteed. Moving plate mode of conveyor belt, Increased production speed, Adapts to the speed and efficiency of assembly line production. Compatible with 48 microporous plates

3Technical parameter

■ Liquid distributor:96
■ Applicable Microwell Plate:96(48)
■ Liquid dosage:20-500ul adjustment: 1 ul
■ Separation accuracy;CV≤2%
■ Filling speed:Fastest 2600plate/hour
■ Adjustment of liquid filling peristaltic pump:1-9