96x3 head large automatic plate washer

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1Unique product design

There are three groups of 96 needle cleaning heads(288 needles),and the washing speed is extrermely fast. Three 96 hole enzyme target plate can be cleaned in one minute (according to five time of washing the plate and 10 seconds of soaking each time). Thewashing speed is equivalent to that of 24 single row 12 needle washing machines.

■ Easy to operate,full Chinese interface,self programming,without professional training can be operated.
■ The vacuum pump of the washing machine is imported oil-free vacuum pump with long service life,hight power, uniform liquid injection and clean cleaning.
■ The washing liquid tank is made of imported hegh-density plastic, with good sealing performance and can be sterilized under high temperature and pressure . A fine adjustment device for shampoo is provided to ensure that the shampoo is in the best position and the resdual liquid volume is minimized when using the enzyme standard plates of different models and sizes.
■ The washing head is equipped with a high-density filter screen,which can avoid inhaling impurities such as blood fat and protein, and greatly reduce the occurrence of plugging.

2Technical paramters

■ Cleansing hair:96x3needles(288needles in total)
■ Applicable enzyme standard plate:96 holes(or 48 holes)
■ Cleaning times:0~9adjustable
■ Soaking time:adjustable,step distance 5 seconds
■ Liquid dosage per hole: adjustable
■ Detergent residue:≤2ul/hole
■ Consistency of liquid addition:CV≤2.5%
■ Detergent tank:20L