NH330 Automatic Washer

Fully automatic double 96 channel Liquid injection and Aspirate. An ultra fast, large capacity, multi-functional and efficient washing machine for washing 96 holes of microporous plates at the same time.

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1product design

The further improved design of the retracting and placing rack is stable and flexible, eliminating the jamming and reducing the noise For the operation mode of twice washing and sealing widely used in production, the speed of this washing and sealing procedure is further increased to 1200 plates/hour, and the separate coating speed is more than 1500 plates/hour


Patented design, the liquid feeding pipe and the liquid discharging pipe on the wash handing are all separated to prevent overflow and cross contamination.
Multi function: volume of detergent, soaking time, drying time and washing times can be adjusted.
The special structure design ensures that the accuracy CV of 96 holes is less than 3%, and the residual amount per hole is less than 3ul. Quickly disassemble the water suction and injection head and pipe for maintenance.
Touch keyboard design, easy to operate
It is applicable to the plate washing program in the mass production process, with faster operation speed, higher production efficiency and more user-friendly design and operation
Perfect design of retractable shelf, stable and flexible, no jamming and noise reduction
In view of the widely adopted operation mode of automatic retraction and retraction of washing boards for many times, which is slow in washing, the speed of this washing program is further increased to 400 plates/hour for six times of washing.
Transparent and clean, can detect the situation of liquid addition and absorption at any time.
The washing head automatically fills and discharges liquid without manual lifting, saving time and effort, safe and fast 7-inch large screen touch LCD operation screen, simple and clear, prevent misoperation

3Technical paramters

■ Basic configuration: two washing heads work at the same time
■ Basic functions: separate plate washing, separate liquid filling, separate liquid suction, automatic plate retraction and release, automatic waste liquid discharge
■ Applicable microplate: 96
■ Liquid injection range: 50-500ul
■ Washing times: 1-9
■ Soaking time: 0-99 seconds
■ Step adjustment: 1ul
■ Injection error: ± 3%
■ Residue: ≤ 3ul
■ Working speed: washing for 6 times 400 pieces/hour Body material: 304 stainless steel
■ Main power: 200W
■ Vacuum pump power: 1200W
■ Host: 953 * 260 * 482
■ Control box: 700 * 230 * 257